Alex Oliver - Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer

Alex has been involved, managed and directed 9 launch events both in Europe and the US. A proven track record on investing his time in customer service, branding, knowledge of the industries he works with and most importantly, ensuring the most valuable experience for exhibitors, speakers, attendees and supporters.
+44 1273 980724

Nathan Reuby - Co-founder and CEO

Nathan has a solid management career within the exhibition and hospitality sectors and is passionately customer focused. His ethos is to build genuine and loyal relationships with his clients in which a level of trust and care is maintained. With a thorough understanding of exhibitions, his expertise has been utilised in successful new launches of international shows both in Europe and the USA. Managing hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of guests, Nathan upholds a bespoke approach to each show and client alike. He will ensure a professional yet personal approach to the entirety of your SGE experience, both before and after the event takes place.
+44 1273 980723

Andrew Emmens - CFO

As a Finance Director with 20 years senior level experience in the engineering/manufacturing and production sectors, Andrew has an excellent track record of improving financial transparency to support management decision making, driving profitability and delivering financial support. Andrew will oversee the support SGE offers to our customers, suppliers and team.
+44 1273 980716

Frédérique Bendjelloul - Operations Director

Originally from France, Frédérique has been living in the UK for 18 years and comes with a wealth of experience organising a wide range of sporting and corporate events. She has helped to deliver B2B tradeshows in Europe and in the USA for several years now, and is excited to have joined the team at Select Global Events.

Taryn McArthur - Marketing Director

With a passion for crafting compelling brand narratives, and building meaningful relationships, Taryn excels in developing comprehensive marketing plans aligned with business objectives. With a strong leadership approach, she effectively manages budgets, optimizes resources, and maximizes ROI. Possessing a deep understanding of digital marketing, creative story telling, leveraging online channels for brand visibility, engagement, and lead generation, she is dedicated to propelling SGE to new heights.

Ethan Lam - Head of Systems

As the Head of Systems at Select Global Events, this experienced professional excels in system management, back-end development, and data science. Expert in guiding complex projects, ensuring system reliability, bolstering security, and streamlining processes for increased efficiency, they shine in their role as a back-end developer, with proficiency in Python, MySQL, Node.js, and various database technologies. Their strength in data science, particularly in interpreting complex data, developing predictive models, and utilizing machine learning algorithms, sets them apart in the rapidly evolving event industry.

Martin Geddes Jones - Exhibition Manager

Martin is a multitalented professional who has over 9 years’ experience in the sales industry ranging from working as a charity door to door salesman, to working in Morroco as a sales manager and working as a call centre manager in the UK for the last few years. He has a vast knowledge of telephone sales and face to face sales which makes him a great addition. Martin is super excited to be working with us and bring his gregarious nature to our SGE Team
+44 1273 980724

Troy Garrick - Exhibition Manager

Troy has extensive experience in the events and tradeshow industry. Having worked with four companies across multiple show launches, his aptitude and enthusiasm has aided the development of shows across the board.
+44 1273 980722

Ellie Raymon - Exhibition Manager

Ellie has worked in sales for the past 8 years. She has a wealth of experience in over the phone sales as well as face to face. She is enthusiastic about growing and gaining new skills on her sales and management journey. She value’s learning from others, genuine connections, and hearing about other people’s passions and how she can possibly help.

Eliza Sears - Marketing Manager

Eliza has years of experience in the events and recruitment industry, staffing for corporate events in central London and large scale sporting events at well-known stadiums. With experience in the hospitality management and the education sector, Eliza is driven by creativity and building genuine relationships with clients. Eliza prides herself on being thorough, personable and dynamic.

Sophie Greenfield - Marketing Executive

Graduating with a degree in Photography, Sophie loves anything creative! She is very enthusiastic when it comes to creating brand awareness, writing blog posts, and improving SEO. Working within the marketing industry for many years she has developed excellent customer service skills and loves to build great relationships between companies.

Shirley Tynan - Graphic Designer

Shirley has almost 40 years experience in a range of creative and design-related, eye-catching visuals for a variety of products. With an extensive knowledge of the latest design and image-editing software, including the pre-press and printing processes, she has seen how the industry has evolved and feels privileged to be part of the Select Global Events team.

Tom Clark - Conference Producer

Tom's wealth of experience and knowledge in various industries, including Relationship Management and negotiating complex contracts with the Environmental Data Sector, makes him the perfect choice for this challenging role. With his natural eye for detail and ability to manage multiple projects, we are confident that Tom will deliver top-notch events for our clients. 

As an experienced service delivery professional, Tom brings a results-driven approach to our team. He has extensive experience in stakeholder, relationship, and team management, contract negotiation, procurement, data interpretation, and reporting for business growth.

Oscar Benson Green - Exhibition Executive

Oscar has a wealth of experience in customer facing roles, establishing business relationships, and building brands. A bubbly and happy individual who is excited to join a growing and innovative team.

George Mills - Business Relations Specialist

A well-motivated relations specialist with a wealth of knowledge from data analytics, marketing and networking backgrounds. George has extensive experience within the events sector, working within a vast range of industries, providing versatility and confidence within the outfit. Always ensuring a solid foundation for Select Global Event’s fast-growing repertoire.

Franja Müller - Associations and Partnerships Executive

A bubbly, creative and motivated Associations & Partnerships Executive, who has worked for years in the social sector, Fran puts her clients and colleagues first, always trying to go above and beyond. With extensive experience in the events sector, Fran excels in organizing and coordinating projects, online and in person.

Luke Kearney - Visitor Liaison Executive

Robin Chen - Chinese Exhibition Sales Manager

Email address:

Mobile(Wechat): 0086-18911105711

 Teddy - Chief Wellness Officer

With his wagging tail and adorable smile, Teddy brings joy to the entire team.  As the Chief Wellness Officer, Teddy is dedicated to keeping our office atmosphere positive and stress-free. Teddy has mastered the art of schmoozing and cuddling, making him a true expert in the field! His presence has proven to be a valuable asset in promoting work-life balance and overall well-being within the team.